DRY/IT is a soft, pliable leather cloth used for quick and easy drying.
It’s perfect for non-streaking performance, and comes in extra-large size.

The DRY/IT chamois is also great as an interior cleaning cloth.

How to Use:

Use When Slightly Damp. Before use rinse chamois cloth in clean water, and wring out. The chamois needs to be damp, yet not too wet for best results. Remove the majority of water from your car before you dry it with the complete chamois laid out on the surface and use the direction dragging or sweeping method with the chamois over the car, wring out excess water as you proceed.The DRY/IT Chamois is also a great as an interior cleaning cloth – use when slightly damp. Always finish the painted surface and glass with a Plush Microfibre cloth. Don’t use any house hold towels or cotton rags.